[DXLog.net - Support] Narrow CW filter with spots

Michael Grehl,DH6JL dh6jl at rrdxa.eu
Wed May 7 17:42:41 CEST 2014

Hi all,
i have the same "problems" with my IC-7410.
The bandwith in cw mode isn't a serious problem for me .. BUT ... i can't  
use/set the VFO-B in bandmap ...

any solution .?? otherwise i have to use DXlog as happy as i did before .... :-)

73 mike, dh6jl

Am 06.05.2014 13:15, schrieb Ulf Schneider:
> Hi Victor,
> Am 06.05.2014 12:12 schrieb yr at sibmail.com:
>> I've noticed that when I am in CW (Icom-746) with Narrow filter selected
>> and click some spot in bandmap - radio filter became Wide.
> From what I remember this is a normal for Icom in general or at least older 
> radios. Years ago I've used to use Icom-765 and IC-775 in contests and with 
> Win-Test I had the very same behaviour. This is because the Icom CI-V protocol 
> is not very sophisticated. When the radio gets a frequency information, it 
> just switches to its default filter band width for the mode and this is 
> unfortunately "WIDE". A similar problem is to load the VFO B with a frequency 
> from the DX spots or bandmap, while you're CQing on VFO A. The CI-V has no 
> differentiation for VFO A and VFO B. I don't know if this is true for newer 
> models.
> The only way to avoid this would be grabbing the actual filter band width 
> first, then send the frequency information and afterwards the prior grabbed 
> filter band width.
> Today I use a Kenwood TS-590S and this radio just keeps the filter band width 
> as long as it gets a different band width command.
> 73
> Ulf DK5TX
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