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simon m0vky dxm0vky at gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 14:09:10 CET 2016

hi fred

i have tried it with the cqww SSB log loaded, and the secondary keyboard 
works FB.

just happens when on CW for some reason.

CTRL - PLUS does silent log the Q from secondary keyboard (VF0 B S&P). 
not ideal but it works.

wonder if the DXLog team could have a look at this ??

73 de simon M0VKY / M7O

On 20-11-16 11:40 AM, Fred Handscombe wrote:
> Simon
> This has happened to me several times and Im trying to work out why as 
> it usually works then stops.  BTW that is on SSB
> You can log that QSO with CTRL- +, the forced log command
> I *think* it seems to be if you have some partial QSO entry in the 
> "main" log line
> I also have the situation the entry for 2nd VFO think it is on CW and 
> refuses to change to SSB even though the rig is connected correctly 
> and is on SSB!
> That was only fixed by a total PC and programme restart!
> the SO2V problems seems to come and go, try an ALT-W in the main log 
> and see it it then works?
> 73 Fred
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>> evening
>> in cqww SSB using k3 with second receiver installed in SO2V mode with
>> secondary keyboard, worked a treat.
>> just setting up for cqww CW. i will be using VFO A for RUN and VFO B for
>> s&p. dxlog is set to SO2V.
>> everything works except, when i come to log a Q on the secondary
>> keyboard (VFO B) in S&P mode. ALL F keys work except when i try to log
>> the Q.
>> ENTER dosnt work, INSERT dosnt and + key dosnt work either. it will send
>> the correct string.
>> the main keyboard works as it should.
>> what am i missing ??
>> simon, M0VKY.
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