[DXLog.net - Support] SO2R Dual Keyboard focus problem while in S&P

SM5AJV sm5ajv at qrq.se
Tue Nov 29 12:11:39 CET 2016


For a while I have noticed a strange behaviour when doing SO2R with two

At occasions the keyboard focus is not working, i.e. it is lost. During the
recent CQWW CW
I finally found out what's causing this.

I am using two keyboards, doing RUN on R1 and S&P on R2.
If I dupe check a call on R2 and move the VFO,  the call is wiped out (I
have check that tickbox in band map properties).
I usally (right or wrong?) push SPACE while dupe checking.
Now the keyboards will get out of sync. I.e. it is impossible to enter a
call on R1 keyboard.
The only way to reset this is to push ALT-W on R2. Then the keyboards are
in sync again.
Several callers on R1 got unanswered due to this.

If i un-check the WIPE check box in band map properties, the problem goes
away, but it's too annouying
to push ALT-W before entering the each S&P call.

The problem is symmetrical, i.e. RUN on R2 and S&P on R1 will show the same


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