[DXLog.net - Support] Some observations during IARU HF Contest

SM5AJV sm5ajv at qrq.se
Wed Jul 12 14:22:31 CEST 2017


We used DxLog 2.3.13 during the IARU HF Contest in a WRTC style
configuration, i.e. MULTI-2 at SC9W. Both computers running windows 10.

Here are some observations:

Dupe checking is still not working for calls starting with i.e. V. It works
in N+1 and Partial Check Window, but both band-map and log window is not
showing the call as a dupe. This has been reported several times earlier
and the theory is that it has something to do with computer Region, since
it has only showed up on Swedish and Finnish operating systems. Since the
dupe check is done correctly in the N+1 and Partial Check, I think there
maybe is a solution to this?

We did not use cluster, and poplulated the bandmap by S&P.  But when
shifting bands, the band map ended up with corrupt or no calls at all. I
haven't seen this before, but my experience with DxLog with more than one
station on the network is limited.

Is there a way of using ONLY the CW SPEED pot for speed control?

What's the recommendations on customizing the ESM functions? We had some
trouble in the S&P mode.

Ingo SM5AJV @ SC9W

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