[DXLog.net - Support] Contest Definition Files / User Defined

Oscar Diez oscar.diez at gmx.de
Wed Mar 22 18:37:41 CET 2017



I am new here on the mailing list and so far like the look and feel as well
as functionality of DXlog.

I was recently trying to experiment with customized contest definitions by
learning and modifying from existing ones.

I want to make some homemade definitions for some smaller regional short
contests in DL.

(so called "district contests" of certain DARC districts)


Many of those contests have either a serial number + DOK (district code) as
exchange or just a DOK without serial.

So I use either the 10m DARC Contest as a base file (for serial + DOK) or
WAG base file (for DOK only).

I just take those files and modify them to represent the contest rules as
close as possible.


Many of those contests have in common that only a list of DOK's from that
specific district (first letter) count as multiplier.

I was able to modify the Contest Definition Files of the above contests to
successfully apply a custom multiplier list.

This so far seems to work quite well and as expected..so I am quite happy
with my achievements.


Now I have the following challenge which I do not know (yet) how to


-          In some contests there are a few specific DOK's which count two
multiplier points instead of just one

-          There are specific regional contests where some specific
Club-Callsigns count also as one multiplier point

(instead of their DOK)


I was not able to find out so far from the documentation or from other
definition files on how to implement the above two scenarios.

I found ways to count more than one QSO point for those scenarios, but not
how to increase the multiplier value larger than one point.


Any clues anyone? Is it possible at all, based on the currently available
definition command structure and formats?


Thanks for your help


73, de Oscar DJ0MY



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