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Markku Oksanen markku.a.oksanen at kolumbus.fi
Sat Nov 25 20:35:19 CET 2017


As for performance, I am finding that with the latest version sound
have cuts in them when played, however I am not running very fast HW at all,
that may be the reason. Could it be that there is a minimum requirement for

No such issues in .14 though.


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Thanks Chris for new V 2.3.15.....just playing with it in CQWW now.

What is actually the progress with the plans to come up with a C++ based
(just out of curiosity, no performance issues here with the .net version.
All working like a charm with .net)

73 de Oscar DJ0MY


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Hi all.

Version 2.3.15 is finally available as public release.
It can be downloaded from usual link -> http://dxlog.net/sw

Chris - EA8/9A5K

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